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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of fabric patterns, colors, designs, and functionalities to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Any specific needs are welcome for discussion, drawing on our 20 years of experience in lift chair production.

We implement stringent quality control procedures, including raw material inspections, production process monitoring, and final testing, to ensure that each chair meets the highest standards. Additionally, we conduct in-house quality control to further guarantee the quality of our products.

Yes, our factory complies with and holds the necessary quality standards and environmental certifications, ensuring the legitimacy and sustainability of our production processes.

Yes, we provide samples, and specific sample policies are outlined in the contract terms. Moreover, we are open to discussing any specific requirements and are willing to assist with sample production for confirmation before placing an order.

Certainly. We are more than willing to provide guidance and assistance, from preparing necessary documents to arranging transportation, ensuring that even customers new to importing can successfully navigate the entire process.

Yes, we provide a variety of payment methods. And, absolutely, we support PayPal payments, offering a secure and convenient payment method for our customers, providing them with greater flexibility in payment options.